• Office design & installation
  • New & refurbished equipment
  • Furniture & equipment removal
  • Commercial relocations
  • Project management
  • Home office designs & set-up
  • Urgent delivery
  • Furniture, phone, & data installation

Facility Works, Inc.
Mechanicsburg, PA
C: 717.512.5578

Office Services offered by Facility Works

Whether you need large, open work spaces or personal, space-saving surroundings, our depth of experience and range of projects offer you uncommon opportunities to create an efficient, functional, and desirable office environment.

Our extensive lines of new and refurbished office equipment include cubicles, file cabinets, interior décor, desks, and chairs offering every client extensive choices.

We also provide:

  • Removal and installation of modular furniture
  • Commercial relocations
  • Urgent delivery on in-stock fabrics and laminates
  • Home office designs and set-up

Your biggest investment won't be in our sales and installation of new or refurbished office furniture or our project management. It's in your people. Making your offices productive, comfortable, and people-ready is our chief concern. Significantly reducing your office downtime is your chief benefit.

Project Management

Instead of wasting hours on long-distance calls talking to sales reps, movers, product suppliers, and installers, you make one phone call and continue to deal directly with a work management professional. We reduce the layers of authority to one- the person with the experience and expertise to help.

Our specialists take care of every requirement in your office design or transition, including:

  • Workplace goals
  • Measurements
  • Design
  • Proposals
  • Product selection
  • Orders
  • Delivery
  • Unloading
  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Clean up
  • Providing a first-class, people-ready work space

Call Facility Works at 717.512.5578 for a FREE consultation on moving or designing the office environment you need, plus creative ideas, a seamless transition, and proven strategies to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.